Constitution: By-Laws


Pope Francis Home and School (PFHS) is a soon-to-be registered Christian humanitarian NGO operating approximately ten (10) miles outside the city of Ho, in the Volta Region.

Pope Francis Home and School is the collaborative effort of many people, including but not limited to, Concerned Volta Region citizens, members of the Catholic Church Community, International Benefactors, and many other compassionate individuals.  These persons have been inspired by Pope Francis’s call to the New Evangelization by providing mercy to those in need, especially the children.  By providing a safe, secure,   and loving environment, the neglected, the abandoned, and the fatherless will know that God loves them.

Pope Francis Home and School will provide the following:

  • Children’s Home (giving care and protection to the socially vulnerable children by Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church as staff of the Home)
  • Basic School Complex to include Pre-K through grade 6 (superior free education)
  • Formation of Christian Leaders (Catholic Diocese instruction)
  • Basic Health Care Services (on-staff nurse)
  • Social Justice, Peace and Respect for all life
  • Vocational Training (on site as well as in the local community)
  • Agriculture and Animal Care (farming and poultry)
  • Community outreach



  • The organization shall be known as Pope Francis Home and School


  • The motto of the organization is “One Mission, Many Ministries, Many Hands.”




PFHS envisions itself as a Christian, gospel-based, non-governmental, non-politically aligned non-profit organization, financially stable, led by local leaders.  PFHS will strive to be a model in promoting human dignity for all of God’s children.  PFHS believes every child has unlimited potential and PFHS will be a place where that potential can be reached.  PFHS will be open to all, especially the vulnerable, neglected, abandoned Ghanian children regardless of social, religious, or cultural background.


PFHS will be an organization with its many members each being passionately invested in the total well-being of the children.  Those living and working with the children will have a total commitment to protect, to care, to nurture, and to create an academic environment of learning, providing a Gospel-driven atmosphere so that the children know God loves them.  PFHS ‘s goals include encouraging strong, independent-minded young people who will be prepared to enter the adult world and succeed in family life, work life, and have a strong spiritual foundation.  PFHS, locally and internationally, will develop a network of individuals and organizations of goodwill who are willing and ready to help carry out the mission of serving the underserved children of the Volta Region.



  • To  provide a warm family atmosphere where a socially vulnerable child is protected and cared for
  • To provide a superior basic quality education, including the Ghanian school-care curriculum, enhanced resources being made available to enable each child to reach his or her  potentials with sisters of Mary as contributing teachers
  • To provide spiritual guidance, including class instruction by priests from the Diocese of Ho, always encouraging spiritual growth of Christian values in daily life
  • To provide a balanced nutritional diet, designed by a dietitian consultant, using fresh fruits and vegetables grown on site
  • To provide medical, dental, and eye care for each child by a medical doctor who will be available for regular pediatric visits and a qualified nurse staffing an infirmary
  • To provide psychosocial care by a staff social worker and adolescent counselor to heal the heavy hearts of the children
  • To cultivate home-grown leaders by providing leadership training  beginning in the home, classroom, football fields and out in the community
  • To provide community involvement by having young leaders tutor children in our village and organize a football program for local youths
  • To provide an entrepreneurial spirit of self-sustainability through vocational training opportunities and micro-financing incentives
  • To cooperate with any government or private organizations to ensure each child becomes a responsible adult


The organization shall be administered by the following

  • Board of Directors
  • The Executive Directors
  • Head Teacher of the school
  • Administrator
  • Financial Officer
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Matron
  • The Chaplain
  • Programme Coordinator


The Board of Directors shall be a body responsible to formulate policies, direct and ensuring  proper implementation of the policies to achieve values and goals of the organization. The Board of directors shall be made up of an odd  number of minimum 5 and maximum of 11 members. Membership of the Board shall constitute the following:

  • The Executive Director
  • The Administrator
  • The Headmaster of the School
  • Priests (Rep of Catholic Church)
  • Professionals

Board of Director has the following oversight functions to perform:

  • Ensure that the mission statement of the organization is achieved.
  • Analyze policies and philosophies of the organization and contextualize them for action.
  • Supervises and coordinates the function of Management team
  • Apply their professional expertise at all times in the best interest of the organization.
  • Approves the annual Budget and Cash Flow Analysis for use.
  • Shall appoint auditor to audit the account of the organization.
  • Dissolves the Management team in case of gross financial mismanagement and misappropriations.
  • It shall meet semi annually
  • Solicit funding for the organization
  • Shall have the right to commission sub-committees or co-opt other professionals to act on its behalf.
  • Shall determine salaries and condition of service of workers of the organization.

The Board shall serve a 4 year term. Members may seek re-election for the second term.


The Board shall elect its executives at general meetings. There shall be the following executives to steer the affairs of the organization.


The elected executive shall serve a 4 year term. Officers can seek re-election for a second term of office.


    • Shall be presiding member who moderates meeting proceedings.
    • Shall summon all general and emergency meetings of the board
    • Shall have casting vote/rule over matters at executive and general meetings
    • Shall supervise, direct; defend at all times the Constitution of the Organization.
    • Shall approve all reports, financial statement and budgets by appending his signatures.
    • Shall ensure that effective collaboration exists between  the founder and major partners.
    • Shall assist the Chairman in the discharge of his /her duties.
    • Shall deputize in the absence of the Chairman
    • Shall undertake all other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman
    • Shall take charge of the welfare of the members.
    • Shall summon all meetings upon the directives of the Chairman stating the Agenda.
    • Shall take minutes/record the proceedings at all meetings
    • Shall keep all correspondence of the organization.
    • Shall act as public relation officer in collaboration with his/her superiors.
    • Shall perform any other duty assign to him/her.
    • Shall assist the Secretary in his/her activities.
    • Shall perform any other duty assigned to him by the secretary
    • Shall act in the absent of the secretary
    • Shall coordinate the activities of the members and various committees of the board.
    • Shall be a member or an officer of PFHS
    • Shall represent PFHS at functions and meetings of other organizations.


He/she shall derive his powers and responsibilities from the Board of Directors. He/she shall do the sport monitoring of the daily operations of the of the organization. He/she has the following functions to perform:

  • Shall be Chief Executive for the organization
  • Shall monitor and coordinates the activities of the Management team
  • Shall ensure that both short term and long term objectives are achieved on schedule.
  • Shall authorize all financial transactions before they are carried out.
  • Shall authorize all contractual agreements before they are executed.
  • Shall approve recruitment of qualified senior management personnel
  • Shall solicit funds for the smooth running of the organization.
  • Shall hold management Board responsible for any lapses.
  • Shall be a signatory to the bank account


The Deputy Director works in very close consultation of the Director; acting on directives of his boss. He/she shall perform the following function:

  • Shall deputize in the absence of the Director.
  • Assist the Director in the discharge of his responsibilities.
  • Shall undertake any other assignment given to him by the director.
  • Shall be accountable to the Director.
  • Shall ensure the welfare of the Children, Workers, Volunteers and Visitors.
  • Shall ensure the security of the assets of the organization


The Administrator has the ultimate responsibility for the integral   formation of the children of PFHS. He is thus in charge and responsible for:

  • The PFHS itself and all the programmes, people, structures and facilities.
  • The Basic School Complex – from the Day Care up to Junior High School, the SMC, the PTA, the Head Teacher, Teachers, Accountant, Matron and all other supporting staff.


  • He/she shall be in charge of the Accounts Section of the Organization.
  • He/she shall keep up-to-date records of all financial transactions of all departments of the Organization.
  • He/she shall pay salaries, allowances and any other entitlement approved by the Executive Director to workers.
  • He/she shall disburse all approved funds
  • He/she shall prepare monthly and annual financial management accounting reports.
  • He/she shall prepare the final Budget Proposal for the Executive Director.
  • He shall be assisted by one account clerk.


  • He/she shall be in charge of the secretariat.
  • He/she shall prepare memos, correspondence, reports and other documents.
  • He/she shall take minutes at all meetings
  • He/she shall be assisted by one office assistance.


  • He/she shall be the nutritionist of the House
  • He/she shall supervise the activities of the cooks in the kitchen
  • He/she shall ensure that foods are well prepared and served at the right time.
  • He/she shall ensure that the food store is well secured at all times.


  • He shall be in charge of the spiritual development of all stakeholders of the Organization.
  • He shall act as the Guidance and Counseling Coordinator for the children in the school.
  • He shall be the Spiritual Director of the children and the other workers.


  • He/she shall be the liaison officer for all external projects and programmes.
  • He/she shall make monthly progress report on all on- going projects of the organization.
  • He/she shall be directly responsible to the Administrator.


There shall be a management team of PFHS made up de of the Administrator as the head, the Matron, Accountant, the Administrative Secretary. The team is responsible for the daily management of the operations of the organization. The Administrator should ensure the team performs the following functions:

  • Shall interpret or communicate the policies and their respective values and goals to the workers.
  • Shall Break-down long term objectives into medium term and short term action plans for implementation.
  • Plan, direct, control, lead and coordinate the activities of the work to ensure effective implement of plans to achieve the target goals.
  • Shall develop and assign roles to works according to their capabilities and expertise
  • Shall be practically involved in the activities and coach the worker on their areas of weaknesses.
  • Shall generate and evaluate feedbacks on activities and make the necessary corrections.
  • Shall ensure Integral Formation of all the children by sustaining and improving the projects that directly or indirectly affect the development of the children.
  • Shall monitor and follow all programmes and projects to ensure that they function properly.
  • Shall ensure the judicious use of resources for the intended purpose and transparency recording financial operation.
  • Shall maintain constant contact and relationship with major partners, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers and government agencies.
  • Shall keep proper records of all activities and report to the Directors
  • Shall motivate workers to be committed to their worker of goals to be achieved.


The organization shall derive its revenue from the following sources:

  • Donations from local and international donors
  • Grants and sponsorship from different sources
  • Donations from International Agencies
  • Funding-raising activities
  • Special pledges
  • Income from income-generating projects.


  • The funds of the organization shall be used only for the following purposes.
    • All projects and programmes on which a budget had been prepared and approved for which the funds have been released.
    • Any emergency transaction or supplementary budget approved by Directors.
    • Funds allotted to special projects.
  • Any fund of the organization that is used in any of the following circumstances shall be deemed to be in a breach of the constitutional provisions
    • Funds used for personal benefits.
    • Funds used for unapproved projects and programmes.
    • Fund used but cannot be accounted for with supporting documents.

Any officer or a worker who is found guilty of any of the above shall:

  • Refund the amount of money involved with interest.
  • Be subjected to punitive depending on the amount involved.
  • Be dismiss/fired without his/her entitlement.
  • Be dragged to the court to indemnify the organization.


11.1 The organization shall open bank accounts into which all its funds shall be deposited.

  • Barclays Bank and the Ghana Commercial Bank shall be the bankers of the organization.


11.2 The following shall be signatories to the bank accounts of the organization.

  • The Executive Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Administrator

11.3 The signatures of any two (2) of the above validate transactions between the Bank and the Organization.


12.1 Record of accounts shall be audited by an Auditor to be appointed by the Board of Directors annually.

11.2 The Audit Report shall be presented to all stakeholders of the organization.


The Executive Director in consultation with the Board of Directors shall appoint a solicitor. He/she shall perform the following duties:

  • He/she shall take responsibility for all the legal issues of the organization.
  • He/she gives legal advice on all contractual agreements of the organization.
  • He/she represent the organization in court of law in legal matters.


The Board of Directors shall approve amendments to this constitution. Amended articles shall be adopted immediately.